SAVER Series

Gather Power from Real Power!

Saver Series

The premium technically advanced PCU with world class technology combines the functions of a solar inverter and UPS. With this one doesn’t need to maintain separate power back up system for powering home equipment.

Powered by Smarten’s high quality solar panels, the SAVER Solar PCU provides a power saving of 30%, and charges at even low voltages like 90V. With a 10ms changeover time, triple protection and an 88% system efficiency, SAVER helps you to enjoy continuous power even during extended power cuts, and makes you lesser dependent on the power grid.

Available Range: 300VA/12V to 10KVA/120V.

Salient Features:

  • Inbuilt strong and advanced PWM based Solar Charge Controller.
  • 100% solar priority and smart sharing property with solar & grid.
  • Wide Input PV range in all models.
  • Pure sine wave output supply.
  • Advanced DSP Control Technology.
  • Graphical display for easy user interface.
  • Compatible with all type of solar panels.
  • Smart battery charging up to 90V mains input voltage.
  • Inbuilt independent battery charger to recover deep discharged battery.
  • Allows user to bypass the mains supply without connecting batteries.
  • Compatible with all type of batteries (LA/TUB/SMF).
  • Changeover time less than 10 milliseconds.
  • Smart UPS/WUPS switch selection.
  • Comprehensive protections against short-circuit, overload, wiring fault, high input voltage, reverse connections, over temperature etc.
  • Reverse PV & High PV protected.