Prime + (MPPT Based Solar Charge Controller)

MPPT based Charge Controller

Available Series: 12V/50Amp. To 120V/50Amp.

A device to convert your simple Inverter into Solar Inverter using advance MPPT technology.

  • 30 % more efficient.
  • Wall mounting option.
  • Can connect 24V panel on single battery
  • DOD, can set four battery discharge levels. (20%, 30%, 40%, 50%)
  • Grid control for saving the electricity bill and optimizing the use of ecofriendly solar energy.
  • A user friendly LCD that displays important information like battery Charging Status, Charging Source, Total units savings etc.
  • Convert your simple Inverter into Solar Inverter.
  • World class MCB ensures your UPS and connected loads stay protected from short circuits.
  • Smart auto detect battery function.

Complete Protection, Reverse PV, Battery Deep Discharge, battery over charging and High Temp.