Frequently Asked Questions

Wrong handling a use of inverters can cause personal injury, hence you should use it properly as per the user manual guide of instructions given by inverter battery dealers. Avoid handling inverters with wet body and don't open or touch any internal parts without help of technicians. In case of voltage fluctuations switch off the charging and output power supply to avoid major technical problems. 
An UPS or online UPS Inverters give power supply without interruptions, even during the power breakdowns or in electricity conversion process from various mode of power supply.
Yes, you can also run a normal size household air conditioners with the help of high-powered inverters and battery equipped with right capacity of power supply. Choose the right combination of luminous inverter battery Noida to run an AC with the capacity range of inverters and batteries.
 Yes, you can run considerable size and capacity of household microwave through your inverter. However, you need to ensure the capacity load, as a 800 watt microwave consumes more than 1200 watt run through 230V system, hence choose the right capacity inverter to take load of your microwave. 
 The inverters can be used for unlimited time period till it gives the performance but the power supply depends on the batteries capacity connected with it. As much you put load on inverters the battery will be discharged and the run time of inverter declines accordingly. Though, to increase the run time you can connect more batteries and there is no limit to connect unlimited number of batteries.
 Mostly all the inverters take 16.6 milliseconds to respond during power cuts and transfer electricity from one mode to another mode. It is enough to give you uninterrupted power supplying in a house.
 Sine waves power supply allows to run your household devices longer, without any fluctuations and malfunctions with long-lasting performance. It is suitable and best for running various equipment like computers, audio/visual device and network related devices. Now most of the high quality inverters comes with this technology to facilitate users to run all these daily use equipments continuously. 
 While buying a household battery ensure only three things - Size, Power and Warranty to get the best products available in the markets. Size relates to dimension, power means ampere hours and warranty allows free after sales service to take care of battery faults by original manufacturers during that period.
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